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Project Purpose

These are classroom files developed along side my students for advanced game programming. Most of them have done the "Hello World" program in C/C++ and maybe Java or another language like Python. I still do that. What is computer science without multiple programs that do the same thing?

This is a project class for building an ambitious video game. Currently I am using Simple Basic for the class because it is intrepretive and I think will give the students a better sense of programming. I am surfing the net for prebuilt routines that can be strung together and modified to fit our "Project Chinchilla" goal.

See modules to see descriptions of the three modules.


ToDo List

This is a current class that I am teaching and every week I am adding more information. I'm am basically uploading last weeks demo. Version x+1 will be an attempt to refine the issues that come up in class.

I will also be uploading a classroom notes section, which is really more for the teacher or parent/tutors that want to assist the student outside of class. It would be nice if I could find a way to track questions with this audience so that I can refine the guide as I go.


Introduction - This part of the program contains a start and skip button to allow setup of the program on a project screen. The intro shows revolving text which is an example program from the Small Basic forums.

Wizard Targeting - this is a forum example that changes the mouse cursor to a target for finding a white circle. Click the circle and your score goes up. I modified it to add a starry background and a wizard at the bottom of the page. After five shots the program advances to "Winning".

Winning - This is a forum example that shows lots of colored dots. I use this as virtual confetti, a classroom joke. When students get a discussion question correct or have thoughtful responses, I throw virtual confetti to celebrate.

Press the close window control to exit the program. That is it for now!

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